City of Jerseyville Water and Sewer

Water and Sewer Treatment: Most systems are interconnected for continual feed. There has been no serious shutdown on record for the past decade. Some communities’ have excess storage in tanks and pools. Grants and loans are available for extension of lines to undeveloped ground.

  • Jerseyville owns and operates a 2 MGD Potable Water Treatment Plant and a 2 MGD / 6 MGD Max. Wastewater Treatment Plant along with the water distribution (approx. 100 miles of mains of various sizes and materials) and wastewater collection (approx. 65 miles of gravity mains and 15 miles of forced mains) systems.
  • The Water Treatment Plant is located just south of Nutwood, IL. Water is pumped from one of three operational wells located about ¾ of a mile west of the treatment plant. The plant was constructed in 1960’s and has minor upgrades over time. In 1993 work was authorized and funded by a matching grant to add the third well and to extend the well heads above the 1993 flood level. A new pump house was constructed and generator added to supply power in the event of a power outage and to reduce the draw for power in the event of a peak power event. This allows for a reduced power rate in normal power periods allowing for reduced treatment and pumping costs.
  • Along with the well improvements added pumping capacity from the treatment plant to Jerseyville was included with these upgrades along with the replacement of critical outdated and undersized water mains along 2/3’s of the transmission line. Completion of the parallel transmission main – approximately 4 miles of 16” main remains to be installed to complete this upgrade. The communication system that coordinates the treatment plant with the distribution system was updated with the plant upgrades. Most of the remaining plant is original. General maintenance and repairs have allowed for some of the operating valves and controls to be updated and replaced.
  • The Wastewater Treatment Plant is a new state of the art Activated Sludge – SBR – Sequential Batch Reactor Facility that was completed in 2014 with the final chemical feed systems put online in 2015. The need to construct/reconstruct this plant was due to the added need for plant capacity. The plant that was in service was designed to be expanded, however the IEPA would no longer permit a plant using the RBC technology in place. The only real option was to proceed with the reconstruction of the facility with a treatment process that would be permitted.
  • In November of 2011, the City of Jerseyville completed financing requirements and authorized the replacement of the RBC treatment facility. Much of the new facility was able to be constructed while the existing facility remained in service. By the middle of 2014 wastewater was diverted into the new facility and sections of the new plant were phased into service as areas were completed.
  • Jerseyville’s Water and Sewer Department is staffed by a Supervisor, 3 Water Plant Operators, 3 Wastewater Plant Operators, 4 maintenance workers and a meter reader. Office support including billing is supplied by the City Clerk’s Office.

Jersey County Rural Water

Jersey County Rural Water Company was established in 1972 by area farmers and businessmen looking for a dependable source of water.

Funding for the system was received through a 40 year 5% loan from the Farmer’s Home association.

The initial loan was $2.5 million for 200 miles of pipeline supporting 1,200 customers.

Today JCRW serves 5000 households, farms and businesses in Jersey, Macoupin, Madison and Greene Counties.

JCRW is one of the largest rural water companies in the state of Illinois.